Is everything vegan?

YES! We believe in the magic of a plant-based diet, which of course includes some vegan goodies every once in awhile! 

Do you have Gluten-free options?

Yep! Our flavors and goodies change frequently and so do our ingredients. Everything that is made free of gluten is labeled in the description of the product, or you can use the ‘Gluten-Free’ tab to search our products.

Soy-free + corn-free?

Everything is corn-free, however not everything is soy-free. All the ingredients can be accessed upon request.

Do you ship?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the U.S and Canada. Worldwide shipping coming soon!

Can you cater?

Umm…yes! It’s basically our favorite thing. Seeing the reaction on your guest's’ faces is priceless! We love catering for weddings + parties! If you want to discuss pricing or options please contact us!