Is everything 100% vegan?

Yes! We believe in the magic of a plant-based diet, which of course includes some vegan cake every once in awhile! 

Do you have Gluten-free options?

Yes! Lots! Many of our treats either have an option or is already gluten-free. If you are GF or have an allergy, please specify when you order so we can be extra careful.

Soy-free + corn-free?

Everything is corn-free, however not everything is soy-free. If you have an allergy to soy please specify when you order so we can make sure there is no soy in your order. We will try to accommodate your allergy whenever possible. 

Do you ship?

Sadly we are only a Pittsburgh based company and cannot ship cakes or cupcakes. However we would be open to shipping more simple treats like cookies or muffins. If you have any questions about shipping your order, please contact us so we can discuss options.

Can you cater?

YES! We love catering for weddings + parties! If you want to discuss pricing or options please contact us!