our Mission

Jane started to become passionate about veganism around age 16. She learned about all the positive things that come out of eating plants. Plants are magical. They heal our bodies from the damage we have caused by our old habits.

After months of research, Jane became a vegan advocate, by demonstrating to the world how easy it is to live this lifestyle. On her blog and YouTube channel, she makes it easier for people to change their lifestyle for the better. She posts easy and healthy recipes and knowledge that is needed to be a conscience consumer. She helps open people's eyes to the harmful effects of eating/using animal products. 

Love Cafe is another way Jane can spread her message, making delicious plant-based food for cafes or restaurants and individuals who love a good treat. No matter what naysayers claim, vegan food can be tasty and wholesome. Spreading the word one vegan brownie at a time.

Jane wants everyone to be their happiest, healthiest selves. By making all of her food with whole, plant-based ingredients, she believes she can accomplish that.